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Once a month, Project FEED provides a week’s worth of food and other personal offerings to those in need. All our clients meet with a social service agency to get a referral to us and obtain help with other needs.

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202 Woodford Street



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Maine Region:

Greater Portland and Casco Bay

How to Donate Your Time!

Volunteers Needed?

Age Requirement:



Volunteer  Requirement:

Info. on Donating Time:

All of Project FEED's volunteer work occurs during school hours. That said, they are happy to have students volunteer over vacations or breaks! If you are interested in volunteering with Project FEED contact them directly by email.

How to Donate Your Stuff!

Material Donations Accepted?


Info. on Donating Goods:

Information on donating material goods:

Some of the stuff we need!

To donate goods, please drop them off at the tables outside the pantry in the basement of Woodfords Church. Project FEED prefers for items to be dropped off Monday through Friday from 1-3pm or Monday mornings from 8:30-10.

canned vegetables, fruits, soups, meats, tuna, spaghettic sauce, jams, peanut butter, beans, juices, salad dressings, canola oil, spices, evaporated milk, macaroni and cheese, instant potatoes, cereal, tea, crackers, shampoo, bar soup, toothpaste, toothburshes, diapers, tampons, sanitary pads, dish detergent, laundry detergent

How to Donate Your Money!

Monetary Donations Accepted?


Info. on Donating Money:

What do the donations help fund?

Because Project FEED has no paid staff members, all of the donated money is put directly towards food for the clients.

All links lead to a secure off-site page for making a donation.  Aside from providing a link, How to Help in Maine does not participate in the transaction in any way.  Most of the charities are 501(c)(3) and therefore tax deductible

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