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Our mission is to collect and redistribute surplus medical supplies and equipment locally and internationally to those in need. Our work improves the quality of healthcare in under served communities and diverts hundreds of thousands of pounds of medical materials from landfills each year. Our in-house medical mission program provides on-the-ground education and training for healthcare workers, helping to improve healthcare standards of practice.

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We are very excited to be open again for volunteers and donations. We have new policies in place due to COVID-19. Information can be found at this link:

40 Walch Drive



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Maine Region:

Portland and Casco Bay

How to Donate Your Time!

Volunteers Needed?

Age Requirement:



Volunteer  Requirement:

Info. on Donating Time:

To become a volunteer with us, please fill out our volunteer application and attend an orientation session. To volunteer, those in middle school must be accompanied by an adult.

How to Donate Your Stuff!

Material Donations Accepted?


Info. on Donating Goods:

Information on donating material goods:

Some of the stuff we need!

Please bring donations to 40 Walch Drive during business hours (Tuesday through Saturday from 9-4). Can’t make it in? Call us to arrange pick-up at 207-774-5555.

baby bottles, baby blankets, baby diapers, band-aids, bedpans, blood pressure machines, cast supplies, centrifuges, compression stockings, cotton balls, crutches, canes, dental items, tampons, feminine pads, hospital gowns, medical tape, soap, shampoo, cream, lotion, wipes, brushes, combs, surgical masks

How to Donate Your Money!

Monetary Donations Accepted?


Info. on Donating Money:

What do the donations help fund?

Monetary donations assist in the delivery of medical supplies and equipment to those in need.

All links lead to a secure off-site page for making a donation.  Aside from providing a link, How to Help in Maine does not participate in the transaction in any way.  Most of the charities are 501(c)(3) and therefore tax deductible

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