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Freeport Friends identifies urgent needs in the Freeport community and the RSU5 schools and matches them up with a volunteer who can help. The commitment of a volunteer can range from meal prep and drop-off for a sick resident, a 10-minute boot drop off at Pownal Elementary School or filling a senior's birdfeeder to a longer-term commitment of shoveling/roof-raking for an elderly community member for a few weeks. We also collect needed items for local families in crisis. Our process is simple. We post urgent needs to our Facebook Group and we email them out to our volunteer network. A member claims and delivers on the need at hand. A few examples of some of our recent volunteer work include meal prep and delivery, dog walking for sick and elderly community members, clothing, boots and mitten drop-offs at an RSU5 school, gift card donations to a local teen in need of clothing, installing grab bars for an elderly resident and, assisting a refugee family move and settle in to the community.

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PO Box 93

South Freeport


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Maine Region:

Portland and Casco Bay

How to Donate Your Time!

Volunteers Needed?

Age Requirement:



Volunteer  Requirement:

Info. on Donating Time:

Requirements depend on the assignment that you are paired with.

How to Donate Your Stuff!

Material Donations Accepted?


Info. on Donating Goods:

Information on donating material goods:

Some of the stuff we need!

You may mail any gift cards. Any larger donations​ may be dropped off at 56 Baldwin, Freeport, ME.

Gift cards, gas cards, phone cards

How to Donate Your Money!

Monetary Donations Accepted?


Info. on Donating Money:

What do the donations help fund?

Supports a variety of programs we run.

All links lead to a secure off-site page for making a donation.  Aside from providing a link, How to Help in Maine does not participate in the transaction in any way.  Most of the charities are 501(c)(3) and therefore tax deductible

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