Crisis Center. When living life by design, you are the one who defines who you are and how you live, not others and definitely not circumstances.

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How to Donate Your Time!

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No requirements for some activities.

Volunteer  Requirement:

Info. on Donating Time:

Contact us for how more information on how you can help.

How to Donate Your Stuff!

Material Donations Accepted?


Info. on Donating Goods:

Information on donating material goods:

Some of the stuff we need!

We do not have a system in place to accept material donations, but we can help you get items in the right hands. Contact us.


How to Donate Your Money!

Monetary Donations Accepted?


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What do the donations help fund?

Utilities, infrastructure

All links lead to a secure off-site page for making a donation.  Aside from providing a link, How to Help in Maine does not participate in the transaction in any way.  Most of the charities are 501(c)(3) and therefore tax deductible

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